Taya Jae is ready for a new beginning and going full throttle, she’s literally back on her bullshit. The energy is back along with the raw bars and hard delivery. After her earlier drop of her second mixtape “PYNKNUKE” in January this year she took it on the road once again going to Texas for the second time with a full schedule of shows for the week out there. Now she’s back in the studio cooking up rapping more aggressive and telling a dope story. JUST WAIT ON IT!!!



Parris Ladame a female rapper native to Indianapolis, Indiana sparked her music career in High School where she began writing poetry and started attending local poetry clubs. These interests and influences matched with her life experiences quickly pushed her into the recording studio. Parris signed to Bag Music Group in early 2017 and soon after dropped her latest mixtape "Every Dolla Counts" featuring her hit singles "Gettin It" and "Popped A Band" available on and Parris' latest singles "Hang Up" and "Hot Girl Remix" (available on all streaming outlets) exploded early 2018 and has her booked all year. Parris has much more in store for her fans, follow up @ParrisLadame on all social outlets to keep up.