Get familiar with BAG Music Group, a label ran by Black Auerbach aka "Bee" and Ronnie Jefferson. The two are from two completely different places, as well as their artists. Bee, coming out of Virginia, has been in the game for years. Dating back to the early 2000s when he started up his first label and management company. Ronnie on the other hand comes from Indiana with a long career in fashion. Ronnie joined the team over at Finish Line back in 2007, and has worked his way up since. He is currently Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager of both Finish Line and Finish Line Macy's. The two have known each other for years but decided in 2016 that they'd work together on building up a new brand - a new label with a new team. This time around it'd something on the table for both parties.

The artists are Taya Jae & Parris LaDame. Taya Jae is out of Northern Virginia.She started going hard with her music career about two years ago while prepping to drop her debut tape, Just Because. Fast forward to now, Taya has recently released her second tape entitled "Pynknuke." Moving forward, Taya is expected to be doing more shows and possibly some new visuals. Parris LaDame is hot in her city right now. Coming out of Indianapolis, Parris took her first step into music as a high school student. In the beginning it was poetry writing, then local poetry clubs. However, once Parris got into the studio, that's when it became official. Since then, she has released released tons of music, including her latest single "Hang Up." The three artists are all looking to move forward this year and grind harder. Keep up with all things BAG Music Group by following @bagmusicgroup.